About us

Advice Resolutions Disability Support Services ensure the people we support make the most of the activities they need to enjoy Iife to the full.

Whether you want to look for and take part in employment, volunteer, would like to do: painting, dancing, art, crafts, outdoor sports, indoor sports, shopping, going to college, university, cinema, gardening, theatre, ice-skating, visiting places of historical interest, learn a musical instrument, learn to sing, take public transport more frequently than you do by: train, tram, bus, coach, take a ferry, underground tube, or other socialising interests we are here to support you every step of the way to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

Please Call Now on 07425 308142 and email us to: [email protected] by quoting ‘disability support services’ and we can advise You on the support services we can provide.

Encouragement through discovery and identifying your likes

We work very tirelessly to improve your access to learning, training, employment and volunteering. We can talk you through all the stages, help You with your C.V, help You identify your skills, knowledge and experience leading to life-long fulfilment in whichever career choice and employer you choose to work for. You may want to work/volunteer in retail, the information technology sector, health, volunteer or work in charities, representation as a board/committee member with different organisations, or to work/volunteer with animals: in a cattery or kennels, we encourage You to have a ‘can do’ approach and most of all, have a lot of fun as well.

Our skills lie in exploring by asking questions about what You like to spend your days doing, matching your likes to what work and volunteering roles could suit You, whilst showing and inspiring You with a variety of media whether videos, books, articles in newspapers or visits to places that will give You more of an idea about what You are interested in.

We are very committed to our role as a support organisation

We want You to lead a healthier life being supported by staff working as skilled, caring, and understanding for this service provider.

We want You to actively make us aware of what You need to stay focussed on achieving Your dreams even in the smallest way possible.

We have been successful with helping people we support achieve their dreams, because ultimately, we communicate in the way that best suits You.

We find creative ways to engage the people we support to enjoy their social activities and to be inspired to maintain these interests.

We want the people we support to keep control of their lives as much as possible, which means their choices are mainly their own, and not that of Advice Resolutions Disability Support Services.

If you have a family member experiencing:

  • lack of motivation ?
  • low aspirations ?
  • isolation ?
  • low self-esteem ?
  • lack of confidence ?
  • lack of assertiveness ?
  • finding it difficult to communicate their needs sufficiently to be understood?

Then look no further than to our services..

Frequently asked Questions:

Do you take deposits as well as charge fees?

No. we only charge hourly rates, because we are transparent about the costs of using our services.

Do you support people with mental health, learning difficulties and learning disabilities?

Yes. We support people with a range of poor mental health, long-term and short-term depression, dyslexia, a variety of Autism including Aspergers Syndrome, and who might benefit from positive behaviour support.

Can you work alongside my main service provider to deliver your services?

Yes. We are flexible in ensuring that you maintain contact with existing service providers, and can also deliver our services through the support of your family and support staff.

Can I take part in the writing of my person-centred support plan and review?

Yes. All the time we encourage and support you to tell us what your unmet needs are, what could prevent you from achieving your dreams, what you need to maintain well-being, and who you want to be involved in your life to achieve your many dreams and aspirations.

Will you help support me at appointments with the psychiatrist, psychologist, GP, Occupational Therapist or other health professional?

Yes. If we are available on the date and time of appointment.

Can you help me to get a supporting letter from the psychiatrist, psychologist, GP, Occupational Therapist or other health professional about my health?

Yes. We are very experienced in this area of work.

Do you attend Department for Work and Pensions medical meetings in cases of welfare Benefits?

Yes. we can take notes throughout the meeting and support you in the meeting with the Doctor, Nurse, or health representative.

Can you act as an independent support advocate in meetings with health professionals when I have a complaint?

Yes, we can help you to express your feelings, your concerns and your expected outcomes.

Can you undertake welfare benefit appeals for me and attend hearings with me?

Yes we can. We can support you by writing letters appealing welfare benefits decisions and by attending meetings.

Can you help me to make applications for welfare benefits?

Yes. Not only do we help clients to claim welfare benefits but we also help clients to secure backdate awards for unclaimed benefit periods.

Can I make payments in instalments ?

Our fees are upfront charges and we do not offer any form of instalment credit time to pay. We keep our costs low for you as a potential person we may support/existing person we support because we offer an affordable service.

Do you offer help with confidence building and low esteem?

Yes. We can hold 1-2-1 discussions with you to build up your confidence to look for work, volunteer or return to education, even after supporting you through a difficult employment period.


How long are the confidence and low esteem meeting sessions for?

Sessions are a minimum charge of 2 hours.  

If I receive a backdate of welfare benefit money, do I need to pay you a

percentage of the award?

No. You can get to keep all your backdated welfare benefits payments. We only expect to receive the hourly rates for our services from you.

How successful are you at re-claiming welfare benefit payments owed to clients and removing the right of the public authority to ask for an overpayment?

We have a successful track record of re-claiming £thousands from the local authorities for our clients and can successfully reduce or have the overpayment reduced to nil.

How can I make payment?

Payment to us is by:

direct bank transfer in advance

Do I have to pay VAT on the charges you make?

No. As we are not VAT registered.  Therefore we save you even more money over a period of time..

Do you need my permission to act on my behalf with third parties.

Yes. We will require you to sign and complete a data protection consent form so that we can approach third party organisations.

Can you print documents for me in large print?

Yes. We can arrange large print for our clients at their request.

If I have a sight impairment, can you arrange for me to have documents printed in braille?

Yes. However, there will be a charge, which may not necessarily be our own charges.  As we will have to use another external company, the charges for producing the document increase our costs. We can provide you with a price on request.

How will you look after my confidential information?

We do not share your personal details with third parties unless we have your express permission in writing. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

What is the minimum amount of hours I have to take as a service from you?

We can only provide a minimum of 2 hours support service as it is not cost effective for us not to do so.

What is your hourly charging rate?

 £13.00 per hour

Do I have to pay your travel, meal, entrance to venue costs, and any other costs incurred in providing me with a service?

Yes. You will have to pay for our travel if it extends beyond our usual place of attendance to provide you with a service. Whilst at the events you choose to attend, our staff’s meals are chargeable at a minimum of £12 for dinner, £12 for lunch and £10 for breakfast. Any other costs incurred that are not included in the hourly rate, for example costs we incur from third parties, we have to charge the person we support, directly.

Do you hold meetings in places which are accessible by disabled people?

Yes, we can use venues which can be accessed by disabled people. We, therefore , are able to make reasonable adjustments?

What age group do you work with?

We work with clients of all ages?

Do you work with clients from a variety of diverse and ethnic backgrounds?

Yes. We do. As we do not discriminate in any way in the provision of our services.

Can you refuse to take on a service?

Yes. We can. If we do not have the time, availability nor the expertise to undertake the role.


**Advice Resolutions Disabiilty Support Services is a separate service from Advice Resolutions Legal Services and Law Consultancy.**

If you need further information or advice, please email: [email protected]