We have strong roots in delivering a customer orientated Legal Service and Law Consultancy service

Staff at Advice Resolutions Legal Services and Law Consultancy offer clients the unique access to a legal service of legal advice and representation at affordable hourly rates.  Clients eligible for legal aid can approach Advice Resolutions, legal aid agency funding enquiries help. Clients who need the flexibility of service availability at short notice and at appointment times throughout the week and weekend, choose to appoint Advice Resolutions legal services as their first choice for a successful outcome in their case.  Advice Resolution’s services is suggested to our clients through recommendations time and time again of which we are immensely proud of.


Advice Resolutions Disability Support Services hold strong values in supporting clients to maximise their life long aspirations through self determination and choice

Advice Resolutions Disability Support Services ensure the people we support make the most of the activities they need to enjoy Iife to the full.

Whether you want to look for and take part in employment, volunteer, would like to do: painting, dancing, art, crafts, outdoor sports, indoor sports, shopping, go to college, university, cinema, gardening, theatre, ice-skating, visiting places of historical interest, learn a musical instrument, learn to sing, take public transport more frequently than you do by: train, tram, bus, coach, take a ferry, underground tube, or other socialising interests we are here to support you every step of the way to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

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email us to: [email protected] by quoting ‘disability support services’ and we can advise You on the support services we can provide.